At Magnolia and Vine, we believe in the freedom of self-expression. We believe in empowering women to live the life they’ve always dreamed of. And we believe that when innovation and passion come together, the possibilities are endless.

We believe each person is uniquely beautiful. No one is quite like you—and we think your look and style are extraordinary. That personality comes through in everything you do. It shows. It shines. It inspires.

We admire your individuality—and we love seeing the same thing in other women. That’s why we founded Magnolia and Vine: To give women the opportunity to express themselves style-wise, and to help them reach their dreams of running a fun, flexible, and successful business. We want you to look great, and to succeed in being your own kind of woman.

That’s the promise behind our product—and the spirit that drives our creative company: to support women who choose to be themselves, to live with flair and live fully.